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Communication, in any form, is an essential and basic human right for every individual.

About Laura Smith

I'm a speech language pathologist specializing in childhood speech and language disorders with a particular interest in childhood apraxia of speech.  I have been providing speech/language services since 2004 working in the schools and in private practice.

I am the voice behind SLPMommyofApraxia.com, where I write professional and personal articles related to speech and language disorders.  After my daughter was diagnosed with apraxia, it sparked my passion for advocating and raising awareness around the impact of childhood speech and language disorders.  I enjoy presenting at conferences, symposiums, and giving workshops on Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

On the side, I am a writer at heart.  I also write about mental health as I feel strongly about this aspect of health care that is misunderstood, grossly underfunded, and in desperate need of improvement.  I hope to spark a conversation about the seriousness of mental illness. 

Laura Smith Success Stories

Nothing Short of the Best

When my daughter was diagnosed with Apraxia my family was devastated. We were worried for what the future would hold for our daughter, what the next steps should be and how we were going to pay for it all! Laura Smith was a beacon of light in this otherwise sad time for us. Unlike previous SLPs, Laura has a deep understanding of this disorder and the impact that it could have on our daughter's life. With compassion and purpose Laura has treated our daughter over the last 20 months, and the improvement in my daughter's speech is remarkable. Laura has guided us, as fought for us, has been a friend to us and has been that sounding board that we have needed. Anyone would be so very lucky to have Laura Smith in their corner, and treating their child. She is nothing short of the best!

Grateful Beyond Words

We are grateful beyond words to Laura! I found Laura Smith's internet blog about speech apraxia, discovered she practices in Colorado, and had room on her caseload for our son Ashton, who was in speech therapy but not yet formally diagnosed. These kids need a specialized SLP! Not only is Laura Smith a nationally recognized expert in the field of treating Apraxia of Speech, but a wonderful, caring advocate with a heart of gold. She coordinates the annual CASANA walk in Denver, presents at conferences, and is a gift to the field. She also understands the emotional impact of apraxia for kids and families, and is a caring supporter.

So Much Amazing Progress

My son  has been going to therapy with Laura for a year now and we have seen so much amazing progress in that time! I know that he is absolutely in the best hands in Denver for treating kids with Apraxia. She has learned from the very best Apraxia Guru's out there! She works on everything that is so crucial for him including prosody and co-articulation and she is really helping him with his receptive language too. He has made pretty fantastic progress ...this year. I couldn't be more pleased with how well it has gone and Laura is there every step of the way to help me through this journey just as much! She helps me know what to expect and how to help him at home. I am so incredibly thankful we were lucky enough to get a recommendation to see her when we were starting this scary journey and it has big the biggest blessing. Every child in Denver with Apraxia should be seeing Laura. My son was diagnosed with severe Apraxia (as well as being diagnosed with a few other things) and has gone from having only a few words and approximations when we started with Laura to having so many words and phrases and talking in some 6 word sentences! We still have a very long and difficult journey to go but to know that Laura is here with us, I am confident he will reach his full potential!

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