10 Things You Can Do To Guarantee A Stress-Free Holiday Season


Put stress on the naughty list!

Most of us look forward to the holiday season. It is a time to be together with loved ones, give and receive heartfelt gifts and share important traditions. Of course, it can also be a time of stress. Routines are interrupted. Finances are stretched. Decorating, parties, and finding the perfect gift require time and attention which may be in short supply as we attempt to meet our everyday responsibilities. Sometimes juggling it all can be overwhelming!

I created this list of ten ways to beat the stress of the holiday season. Hopefully at least one of these tips will help you find the joy, peace and goodwill we think of when envisioning the holidays.

1. Take a walk. The great outdoors can help clear your head when thoughts are racing. Exercise improves well-being.

2. Listen to music. Favorite songs evoke positive emotions; music can take us away from the present.

3. Talk to a supportive friend. Whether you discuss a problem that is bothering you or simply reach out to hear a familiar voice, supportive friends are a great source of comfort.

4. Cuddle with a pet. Pets never judge. They love you no matter what.

5. Laugh! Watch a favorite TV show or movie. Speak with a friend who makes you laugh. Read a funny book. Laughter is free and you can do it almost anywhere!

6. Use aromatherapy. Lavender oil promotes balance. Orange oil is cheering. Find the essential oil that brings you a sense of contentment.

7. Stretch. Stretching improves flexibility, reduces stress and anxiety and promotes better posture.

8. Meditate. Meditation reduces stress, increases awareness and lessens the impact of negative emotions.

9. Sing! Singing lowers stress, reduces anxiety and promotes positive emotions.

10. Breathe. Remember that this moment is temporary. If you find that your stress is more than you can handle or is interfering with your day to day life, reach out for help! You aren't alone.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and a joyful New Year!


Laura J. Reagan, LCSW-C

This article was originally published at Your Best Self Today Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.