Do You Have A Nasty Gremlin?


Do you accept less than you deserve in love? Wondering Why? Why the same type guys keeps showing up?

For so long in my life I was held back by an inner belief that I wasn't good enough. I had a nasty inner critic or Gremlin as they are called. Most of us have a nasty Gremlin inside of us that directs every area of our lives. It decides what we will do or won't do, What we want and don't want. The type of treatment we will accept from people we allow into our lives. I know for me, mine festered inside me for most of my life.

I don't know about you, but I was a people pleaser, especially when it came to men. It wasn't until I finally woke up at  age 40, that someting wasn't right about how little I expected from the men that I was attracted to and why did I chase away the guys who treated me well.Then I really started to look deeper at myself and begin to realize I felt I wasn't good enough to be treated well or loved just for me. I jumped on board of the personal development path of life and started to learn Why I was accepting such piss poor treatment. It turned out after much exploration that I didn't love and accept myself and so being treated like I wasn't good enough or not deserving of a great guy or begging for his love simply felt natural to me. It was my comfort zone.

Well no more! Until you and I truly love ourselves, accept ourselves, feel comfortable in our own skin, we will continue to attract assholes. Sorry for being blunt, but isn't that what they are? We deserve to be loved, appreciated, listened to, accepted and treated like the Goddesses we are, right? Sign up for a Free 30 Minute Coaching Session and start on the path of discovering the Goddess within.

This goes for you guys too! Why would you accept anything less than being treated like a prince by the lady in your life? Look deep, for it may be that nasty Gremlin saying "hey that's all you deserve buddy so just accept it."

One technique I used really jumped started me loving myself fully and that was me looking into the mirror - into my own eyes and saying I love you Laura, You rock, You are amazing. At first I didn't believe a word I said and I felt stupid, but I didn't stop.

I came to the realization that the words I spoke over myself were very powerful. If I said to myself - Laura you are ugly, Laura you are stupid, Laura you aren't good enough, Laura no one is ever gonna love you and accept you for you... then guess what... that is exactly what I attracted into my life and the feelings and people who went along with them.

When I started speaking words of love and faith and self believe guess what.. yup the people, feeling, self-esteem I attracted matched. I now know that I am good enough and after going through intensive training to become a certified professional coach I have reassigned my gremlin (inner critic)'s job - to be one of support. When she rears her head I know it is only because she wants to protect me from hurt and pain. Now I say thanks my friend I've got it from here. I appreciate the years you spent protecting me from hurt and pain and betrayal, but I'm good now and I can handle it.

How about you?

Do you have an inner critic or Gremlin that controls your life, loves, thoughts, dreams. What is stopping you from going for your dreams? From believing in yourself? From truly loving yourself? I am here to tell you that you are amazing! You are special and one of a kind! Don't let someone else's words from the past or present strike down the sparkof passion you have in you! As Jack Canfield says - "Live your dreams and not someone elses!"  Get a free ecopy of my book Goddess School - A 12 Step Program.

Today I challenge you to do just that! Take one small step to show the inner you - the amazing one of a kind - that you do believe in you! I did it and I know you can too!! Have an amazing day!! 

Laura J. Kendall, CPC