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10 years +


Ploiesti PH 100217 - Romania


BS, M.Psych

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Author, Career Coach, Leadership Coach, Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Psychologist, Relationship Coach, Risk Management Consultant, Speaker/Presenter

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Life has no limitations, except the ones you create

About Laura Ion

I am a Business Coach and a Certified NLP Trainer by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Dr. Richard Bandler. My expertise is in Coaching/Mentoring, Leadership Development, Management Development, Facilitating, Training, High Potential Employees Discovery and  Development, Business Development, Project Management.

As a Business Coach I improve leadership, accountability, teamwork, communication and strategic planning abilities of the business people I am working with being specialized in different practice areas such as: Executive Coaching, Corporate Coaching and Leadership Coaching.

Always, when coaching, my aim is:

  • To be the best thinking partner of the business people I work with, to identify and clarify the blind spots that hold them back;
  • To be an active listener and accurate observer;
  • To work with people motivated and genuine committed in discovering and developing their leadership potential;
  • To work with leaders willing to enhance their both cognitive and emotional intelligence to gain effectiveness and enhance performance;
  • To be the partner of the open minded leaders who are willing to tailor themselves as individuals to meet the vision of the company they work for, the strategy and the corporate culture ;
  • To support them during changing and adaptation process and assure a smooth and clear long term transition.

Main practices of Business Coaching:

  •  Discovering and developing leadership skills;
  •  Career Assessment;
  •  Charisma enhancement;
  •  Performance enhancement;
  •  Managing new roles and assignments;
  •  Managing people, resources and information;
  •  Managing change both for organizational culture and strategy.

    With the help of Neuro-Lingusitic Programming techniques, the leaders can learn and master their abilities of influencing and inspiring people, motivating them to achieve both personal and corporate goals.

  • As a leader or a business owner, you want your business to be the most successful one and get the results you want, then come and  know how to:

  • Create Change and overcome resistance;
  • Create inevitable success;
  • Use NLP modeling methods in business;
  • Enhance Charisma
  • Inspire and create followers;
  • Create Rapport;
  • Be congruent, deliver authenticity;
  • Avoid mapping, open up the brain;
  • Ask smart key questions, quick deal;
  • Practice business language and business body language;
  • Detect language patterns;
  • Create and empower loyalty;

NLP is the technology of achievement and success, the psychology of human excellence, the most accessible methodology to enhance effective communication, personal change and leadership development.

Laura Ion Success Stories

NLP techniques refine the mental processes

Men dealing with work related stress

Education opens the world. Continuous Education is probably the only way that improves survival. Sustained brain activity through mental games, reading, crafts and arts transforms the mind, the spirit and the body. All my patients that are integrated in these activities live better than the other ones, they don't have time to think about illness, pain and complain about the crepuscular future. Mr. Jung's interior universe is a harsh reality.
NLP as a form of education connects the inside world to the outside one, reveals specific patterns of action and interaction. All these techniques refine the mental processes to a level of better coordination, coherence and background tasking ease.

Laura showed me ways of action that pushed me from the status quo to revealing myself to me, helping me with my medical practice and improving my writing.
I think it is a great advantage to improve as an individual and at the same time to influence the others through well designed techniques. I do not believe in changing over night or evolution. It is all about the discovery of buttons, apps and features that existed inside there for millenia and put them to work

Learn how to remove old unsuccessful patterns

Women dealing with work related stress

Laura, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You made my day. NLP changed my paradigms and it opened my eyes. Remember when we first talked, you said that NLP is about paying attention to everything: words, non verbal, incongruence as an inner conflict...
And I said to myself "What the hell is she talking about?! I'm a top manager in one of the world's largest companies and she's telling me about PAYING ATTENTION? But you were so right! I learned how to be more specific and read between lines; how not to presuppose and limit myself because of my limited
beliefs, how to listen to what I say, to what others say. I feel free: that's the feeling I have- FREEDOM
At the end you asked me when am I going to start applying what I decided upon. Normally, business speaking, I would've said ASAP... but I will do it NOW. Why waiting?
Thank you!!!!

"Lead The Way by Persuasion"


Laura is an excellent coach and in this book she tells the story of NLP in a very personal way, talking about her personal experience with Richard Bandler (NLP), but also illustrating the techniques by examples from her personal life. This personal touch makes the message very powerful, because as a reader you get the strong impression that she walks the talk. You also get to know Laura and her sources of inspiration like Veronica Franco, Cleopatra etc. There are many books about NLP and I can also recommend those written by Richard Bandler. If you are looking for a very personal interpretation, written with much passion and with very authentic (and also original) examples and techniques, then I can strongly recommend "Lead the way by persuasion". It is not a dry academic textbook, but a passionate authentic story of how you can change your thinking to improve your communication, your relationships and ultimately your life. I have used it in both my professional and personal life and it works ! It is a must read for business people, sales people etc. but also if you want to improve your personal relationships and communication.