Just Because They Say It Doesn’t Mean It’s True


Just because a lot of people say it doesn’t mean it’s true.

I used to spend a lot of time asking people their opinions on things. I needed to know what I was doing was right, what I was saying was correct and if what other people thought about me was true. I was seeking out other peoples opinion because I thought somehow they knew more than me. In the end I really realized I was seeking out their approval.

What a horrible waste of time! Not to mention a great way to sabotage my already low self-esteem.

The kicker was when I would believe that if more than one person said it means that it has to be true. When the problem really was I was continuously going to the wrong people. I was presenting my issues or what I thought my issues were to people who were highly critical and didn’t know how to be supportive.

 It was like giving the bully ammunition.

I would leave the conversation feeling so defeated and depressed and not able to figure out why couldn’t get things right.Then I realized the problem. First I wasn’t relying on myself and having confidence in who I was. Second I was seeking approval and instruction from people who were nothing like me. They didn’t get or understand me.

The biggest thing I learned is if you want to change your life is change who you are hanging out with. It starts with how you speak to yourself. Then you’ll recognize how you want people speak to you.

Find those people who light you up and support you! They may not be present immediately but if you set the intention you will find them or better yet they’ll find you:)

Never ever believe that something is true just because more than one person has said it. If you have low self esteem chances are that you will attract people who mirror the beliefs you have about yourself. If it makes you feel like shit then it’s not true . There’s a difference between “Tough Love” and the voice of someone who just enjoys the power of criticism.

Listen to what you feel and be positive ladies!

This article was originally published at www.goodgirlshealth.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.