3 Sure-Fire Ways To Be "That Girl" (You're Welcome)


Confidence is sexy. Take control of your life TODAY.

Be That Woman who decides to stand up for herself.

Be That Woman who makes the change that so desperately needed.

Be That Woman who makes the decision and moves forward.

Be That Woman who supports other women as well as herself.

Be That Woman who doesn’t care what other people think.

Be That Woman who let’s go of guilt and shame.

Be That Woman who loves with a big heart.

Be That Woman who decides what her income will be and makes it happen.

How do you be "that woman"? Stop window shopping!

I spent most of my life doing just that. Looking into the windows of other people’s lives and success, wondering if I should step forward into my own version of that. Only all that window-shopping had me comparing myself to what I saw behind the glass and not really looking at myself and who I was. I never measured up to their success, because the keyword is “their” success. I was looking at what everyone else did instead of doing what I knew was right for myself.

I was also window-shopping for my happiness. I would look around and see examples of people around me who were in happy relationships or had families and it seems really nice, but nothing that I could engage in. It wasn't something that I could commit to, just something I looked at in the window because the dressing around it looks so nice. I was so busy pleasing all the people in my life that I didn’t realize I was checked out and not present in my own happiness. Funny thing is I was not alone but I felt I had to depend on other people for my happiness I couldn’t be that woman who was just happy with who I was. My circumstances had to be perfect and the people around me had to act the way I said they should act.

I had to be a good girl at all times. It was a tough and lonely way to live. Then I was put into a position where the universe literally forced me to get into the game of life, to stop and actually participate. That was the toughest part.

In order to “Be That Woman” I had to do these three things:

1. Stop relying on everyone and everything else around me to give me the right circumstances

2. Stop comparing and despairing when I saw those beautiful mannequins in the window or the successful people or on my computer screen

3. I had to just be myself

Flawed and unsure, daring and scared. That’s when I became that woman that everyone notices as she walks into the room. Can you become that woman? Show me how! :)

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This article was originally published at www.goodgirlshealth.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.