A Passion for Living

Happy Couple

What's the point of passion?

Passion is not a quality that some people are born with but not others. To be passionate is as natural as breathing, as being alive, the source of who you are. And yet, when was the last time you let that part of you out to play?

If you watch a child play you will notice passion in action. Children know the secret of living each moment with attention and wonder. As adults we tend to experience a guarded participation in our feelings that leaves us lukewarm toward much of our world.  If you have turned into a bored and passionless grown up, it may be time to let the child your once were be your teacher.

Passion is commitment: The more of yourself you offer to something, the more passion you get back. If you do whatever you do, love whomever you love, and choose whatever you choose with commitment, then our work, relationships and choices will be infused with passion.

Passion is not indifference: Indifference is the seduction of fear and the armor we wear to protect ourselves from the pain of not being loved, of failing, or facing criticism. Indifference never gives us strength, neither does it protect us, but creates a wall of numbness and pride between you and all you long for.

To enter into passions we have to let go of our need to predict outcomes and let the unusual reveal itself. 

We must be willing to let go of control and venture into new ways of feeling, perceiving and experiencing.

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This article was originally published at Laura B. Young . Reprinted with permission from the author.