Love gives the sparkle to all things...

Love, Self

Are you choosing love?

There are two main areas of energies in motion (emotions), and they are love and fear.  There are many terms that fall under each area: happiness, hope, sadness, and pain. Ultimately, these emotions are created from either love or fear.  Each human being on this planet is created by love and fear is an energy that is learned.  Ever wonder how babies respond joyfully to love even if it is literally right after they were crying? They are not far removed from the pure essence of love.  Once you leave that stage of life, it is up you to choose love in each moment.  From my point of view, love is a verb- there has to be action involved.  As Mother Theresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”  The love that lives within you cannot be destroyed. It is what you are made of.  You can forget about it at times, but you are just a choice away from returning back to love.  

Many people will focus on love this month. My feelings are that anytime there is a collective energy awakening to love (simply what is), there is a powerful movement happening.  The reason for being here is to learn how to love in life, to love yourself and your Creator, to love in relationships, to love in business, to love in service.  As you go through this month, center yourself with questions to reveal the love that lives within. You can begin to ask yourself; what is love saying to me, how does love manifest in my life physically, how do I nurture love? 

It starts with you.  Most people have an easier time “loving” other people and things before truly loving themselves.  I offer that during this month you start, maintain, or enhance a journey of truly loving yourself.  All you need to do this is the willingness to commit to yourself openly.  Yes that means it’s more than you just saying, “I love me”.  Take a piece of paper out right now and write down what that looks like for you.  Let the words flow from your inner being.  You may write words like forgiveness, relaxation, order, peace, fun, etc.  Create time to expand on each of your words until you have a description of what loving yourself looks like- for you by you.  Begin to incorporate this into your life as often as you can. Just as we need oxygen to live, love is needed too.

With the reflections of self love and authentically honoring the love that lives within, the other areas of love are allowed to fall right into place.  The journey requires an open heart, practice, and patience.  Entering into this will be an experience of paradise.  That doesn’t mean it will always be easy, yet it is the choice that pushes you to your full potential, and releases attachments for you to live freely with feelings that assure your personal power. 

My intent is that you and I choose love; it is the energy that will change the world.  Love Always!