3 Key Ways To Reinvent Yourself


Life is definitely a process not a destination.  During this process you will go through ups and downs, which are inevitable, yet you have the power of choice during each step in the process.  You do not have to wait until a “mid life crisis”, graduation or loss of weight to reinvent yourself.  Reinventing, is defined by most dictionaries as changing something so much that it appears entirely new and/or taking up a radical new way of life.  It is when you decide to change.


With living in a fast pace environment you may have forgotten that you can reinvent yourself at any time.  If you are not happy or healthy in any area in your life, no need to complain about being where you are; it’s time to reinvent yourself.  The three key ways to reinvent yourself are:
1. Let Go
Stop holding on to the past or an old story that you created about where you should be at this time; feel the powerful presence of living fully in each moment.  Surrender what is not working, for space to allow what will work to enter into your life.
2. Align With Your Purpose
You have been created with a unique purpose that no one on this planet can do besides you.  Begin to look at what gives your life meaning and how you can serve.  Ask yourself, “What gives me joy?” and be completely honest answering that question.
3. Make A Change
Create an experience in your life that is different for you and takes you out of your comfort zone.  For example, it can be a “simply” change as our First Lady Michelle Obama recently did with cutting new bangs or something as “big” as you making a switch in your career.  These changes will manifest differently for everyone.

Reinventing begins with you doing the internal work.  Truly listen to your gut and go through the above key ways patiently.  You might have hesitated before on your reinventing process because you were trying to figure everything out but you can’t figure it all out.  Don’t let that be what stops you; get off the side lines and jump into the process of deliberately creating the future that you truly want.  The changes you make internally will also start to be your reflection externally and people will notice. 


You will have to make time to silence your mind to receive clarity on your reinvention.  Be gentle with yourself, it takes time to create anything new.  Also stay committed and trust that you are moving in the direction of your deepest desire.  Thomas Edison, the light bulb inventor, says it best; “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work”.  That quote demonstrates that what you believe will be the way you act.  Your new choices and decisions will lead you to a reinvention in your life.  Have a strong vision and people in your life that will challenge, encourage and support you through the process.  Be conscious of your power of choice through each step and take action even in moments of fear.  Reinvention isn’t always easy, you will go through periods where your old habits try to come back and you may even feel like you don’t know what to do next.  However return to your initial intention and your power of choice.  You will then create a breakthrough for reinventing yourself.

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