What Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux's Love Is Missing

What Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux's Love Is Missing [EXPERT]
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He's the best man she's ever dated, but she should be cautious of this one trouble spot.

Jennifer Aniston's love life is better than she’s ever had it, and her new beau Justin Theroux is different than any other man she’s dated before. But, it's missing one critical ingredient for their relationship to last.

There is this very special and powerful influence called energetics. We all experience it in our relationships – it's the core influence that surfaces after we have sized up the looks and personalities of our partners.

It's why one person drains your energy like some kind of psychic vampire and another will have you so juiced up you can run for hours. It’s why, despite our best efforts to have a meaningful conversation, we may conclude that our friend or lover simply speaks a different language.

It's why the sexiest woman or hottest guy turns out to be not all that in bed.

And, it's why we find ourselves so overwhelmed with chemistry that we can't take two steps without thinking about the next moment together, only to end up weeks or months later asking ourselves, "What weird drug was I on?"

Energetics can be explained by specific Lifestyle Traits, and Jennifer's reveal why her past relationships didn't work… and how her current one can run into trouble. Jennifer Aniston: "I'll Be Married By The End Of The Year"

Jennifer Aniston's Specific Lifestyle Traits
Jennifer selects her words carefully to get her message across, and she takes you literally. If you're more emotional and figurative in your language, this makes for some comical and challenging misunderstandings when talking to her.

She also functions at a high speed. She doesn't take breaks in her life unless she plans them, and she's constantly waiting on her men to catch up with her mentally.

Jennifer & Her Past Men
Jennifer had great sex, chemistry and awesome communication with Tate Donovan and Brad Pitt, hence three years with one and five with the other. In the end, neither could keep up with her. She wore Brad down and eventually the difference drove them apart. If Brad and Jennifer weren't so sexually connected, their marriage may have ended even sooner. The Top 5 Love Life Rumors Jennifer Aniston Hates

Vince Vaughn matched Jennifer's speed and the sex was good, but he didn't speak the same language. They couldn't hold a conversation without misunderstandings.

It was even worse with John Mayer and Gerard Butler. She loved the way these two could hang with her enough to give them a try. But that's all she got energetically – communication was a bear and the sex might have been fun in the beginning, but that was it. That's why those relationships were short lived.

Until Justin Theroux, Jen never had a man who could keep up with her quick-witted, high-speed lifestyle and carry on a meaningful conversation as well. But Justin is right there with her. In fact, he could even be quicker.

Jennifer & Justin's Trouble Zone
Though it may take awhile before we see this happen, Jennifer and Justin's sex life may endanger their great connection, and here's why.

There is this crazy, powerful all encompassing thing called Chemistry, and Jennifer and Justin's is as true as an arrow. This, mixed with being totally in sync with their communication and lifestyles provides a recipe for trust, deep connection and the "I surrender to you" type of immersive love we all long for.

But the troublesome thing about chemistry is that it can be so powerful, if your sexual connection starts to become an issue, you can go months, sometimes years before you admit that your needs aren't being met.

The hard reality for Jennifer and Justin is that her sexual energy is held inside. She needs a man that has the key to her lock who can release her sexual energy. Justin doesn't have it because he's different energetically. His sexual energy is on the surface – you can see it and even feel it in photos. Good for him, but not so good for her.

Bottom line, sex for the couple will be awesome in the beginning, then it will change and it will have nothing to do with technique, stamina or a host of other excuses we commonly hear for a dwindling sex life. Justin and Jennifer simply resonate at two different sexual frequencies.

All in all, Justin is the one guy that emotionally rocks Jennifer's world more than any other man she's been with. They have powerful chemistry, communicate easily and are on the same page mentally and physically. Unfortunately, sex will eventually be a challenge for them. My recommendation? Start your Tantra training early. It will help.

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