The Number One Mistake that Leads to Breakup or Divorce

Love, Heartbreak

Most people give up or leave angry and hurt when their desires aren't met. There's a better solution

According to a study published in the Journal of Dynamical Psychology(1), the core issue stems from an energetic source that can be tracked back to our opposite gender parent. We are literally chemically attracted to the energetics of our mother, if you're a man, or father, if you're a woman. This is genetic so it has nothing to do with how much you like or even knew your parent. Some of the best possible matches we can be in are not fueled from chemistry by both people. When this is the case the scenarios described above will always come up. To save this relationship from eventual demise the couple must see and feel past the chemistry.

This means the man or woman that has a powerful desire that surges through their body whether they are with their partner or not, needs to be OK with this being a singular feeling. If they need to be matched here then the relationship will never succeed. The person who does not feel that chemical high has to appreciate the desire their partner feels for them and not feel guilty or uncomfortable that they don't feel or express their own wants with equal intensity.

Most importantly the two must create quality time to be one–on-one with each other and enjoy the energetic connection they make beyond the chemistry. This is where the real magic is. This is also where true love exists. It is in the present when you can fully appreciate and feel how wonderful it is to be together.

If you are stuck on chemistry there is 50% or greater chance you will not make it.

If you can be sensitive to your individual desire and not conclude one is needy or the other neglectful you can have endless years of happiness and bliss.

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(1) Exploring the Hypothesis of “Energetic Attractions” in Romantic Compatibility: Journal of Dynamical Psychology, February 2010