5 Signs Miley Cyrus' Marriage Will Last

5 Signs Miley's Marriage Will Last [EXPERT]
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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are more compatible than you may think!

Despite all the opposition Miley and Liam are getting from the press, this engagement is a great call. Yes, it's true that they are very young. Yes, they are celebrities, and yes, the odds are seriously against this union. This is especially true if we were to listen to public opinion, a bevy of relationship experts, over-protective parents or the ridiculously inaccurate divorce rate statistics.

There is another ingredient that is a thousand times more important to consider, however. Energetically, these two are a fabulous match. While the rest of the world is looking at how attractive and popular they are, how much experience they may lack because of age, and how challenging marriage can be, we should be looking at a dimension in relationships that underpins every one of those accusations. Everything You Need To Know About Chemistry: Part I

We need to look at their genetic energetics. The energetic dimension to relationships is as important to consider as physical and mental criterias. Here are five positive factors Miley and Liam have going for them energetically. (Please note: Where some forms of energy shift and change, these don't. This is a scientifically validated assessment that is proven accurate.)

1. Miley and Liam speak the same language (and we aren't talking about English). This means they both communicate and pick their words in the same way. When these two disagree, it won't be because they didn't understand each other.

2. They connect deeply. Because they have the same energetic communication style, they have the ability to connect with each other on an extremely deep level. This helps them develop a great sense of trust, and allows them to be vulnerable with each other.

3. They don't wear each other out. Do you know what it's like when you spend time with someone, and you feel like they sucked all the energy out of you? Miley and Liam will never experience this with each other.

4. They have the same energy around money. Where we may have witnessed Hollywood celebrities be reckless with their money, this won't be the case with these two. They are both very aware and very sharp when it comes to handling their finances.

5. They're sexually compatible. This a big deal and it should be no surprise to any of us; just listen to how Miley talks about sex. She calls it "magical and beautiful" and speaks with a level of awareness about her own sexuality that is rare at any age. Being in a relationship where both people have the same sexual energetic patterns delivers this knowing at full force. Everything You Need To Know About Chemistry: Part II

Miley has a personality characteristic called The Enroller Modifier, which is akin to putting a man inside a woman's body. Those that know her would agree she is one tough cookie. Put her in a competition with any man, and she'll win. She gets most anyone to do what she asks, knows what she likes, knows what she believes in and has little tolerance for anyone that doesn't follow through, especially the men in her life.

Liam has a personality characteristic called The Achiever. This is perfect for Miley because she has found a man that has huge drive and determination. He can put all his energy into a task, and he will do so with absolute conviction. He is a completion person; exactly what she needs in a man.

When he is on task, she won't exist, which she won't like, but she will totally respect. And when his focus is on her, she couldn't ask for more or better from him.

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