Dreams Do Come True!


More than any Hollywood produced fairytale; this amazing story says it all...

Valentines Day has become so commercialized that men and women are overcome with anxiety, stress, worry, guilt or simply avoidance of potentially not meeting the expectations of a loved one.  YIKES!

And, if there is no loved one, then what? Is there something wrong with us? Are we unlovable? Unworthy? Unlucky?

I’m here to declare NONE OF THAT!  Ultimately, we simply are not in the right place at the right time—yet!

“Well, that’s just great,” you say.

Yes, it is great. And yes, timing is everything, especially when it comes to finding your true love.

Rather than burden you with more rhetoric about how to find your Valentine, I want you to watch this amazing video from two very close friends. More than any Hollywood produced fairytale; this amazing short story says it all.

If you can dream it's possible… Believe with all your heart and dreams DO come true.

The True Life Story

A big thanks to Nikki Jade and Anthony from Australia for holding the dream, being the dream and inspiring us all to love more and love completely, and by all means share as much as you we with everyone that surrounds us.  Now that’s a Valentines Day.

Who Are Nikki and Anthony?

I met this amazing couple a few years back when they came to visit me at MatchMatrix.com. They wanted to know more about what they were experiencing. Never had I seen two people more committed to a dream and more dedicated to sharing love. Genetic Energetics has played a big role for them in providing guidance and understanding, and their complete and resolute dedication to partnetship and bliss has taught me that if we know what we need and desire, hold on to it like it is the air we breath, there is lietarlly nothing unattainable with love.