5 Sizzling Date Night Ideas For Couples Who Love To Cook

date night ideas for couples who love to cook
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Bon appétit! Here are the most stimulating date night ideas for foodies.

3. Cook like you're back in time. Imagine you're in a castle in the Middle Ages with no electricity. Think candles—lots of them. In fact, the entire evening can be done in candlelight, from food preparation to dining. Plan a four-course meal: he makes his favorite two dishes and you make yours. If you want to prepare them together, that's an added bonus. Make sure to space out each course so you can sip your wine and enjoy your creations under the warmth and illumination of candlelight. Add soft music and be sure there is plenty of eye contact.

4. Pack a meal with love. It's easy to get used to the same dining table everytime we eat. On this date, you want to pack it up and get out of the house. Grab an ice chest or picnic basket and fill it with your favorite ingredients, like a fresh baguette or wraps, cheese, salamis, pepperoncini, heirloom tomatoes, baby greens, fresh fruit, spreads, and a good bottle of champagne or wine. Don't forget the dark chocolate. Pack plates, flatware, a wine opener, a cutting knife, wine glasses, at least two soft blankets, a tablecloth, pillows and a lantern. Head for a park or the beach, or even your back yard. Spread everything out. Start with a toast, making sure you express how much you love and appreciate each other. Then, assemble and eat as you go. Have fun creating unique combinations from what you brought. When you're done eating, you're on your way to get cozy under a second blanket. Finish the evening with your favorite treat—each other!

5. Set a romantic table for two. So far we've been pretty tame. Now it's time to get wonderfully playful. This dinner starts with both of you preparing yourselves with a little extra grooming. The dress code starts with silk robes (but don't plan to wear them for very long). A good sake and an assortment of sushi is perfect for what you have in mind. If you like to make your own, all the better. If not, order takeout from your favorite Japanese restaurant. Pick your favorites, including an assortment of sashimi, rolls, seaweed salad, ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Turn up the heat in the house and lay out some sheets and towels. The woman goes first (you can switch if you prefer). He takes a sip of sake in his mouth and exchanges it with her through a tender kiss, then removes her robe and gently lays her down on her back with a pillow under her head so she can watch. He then decorates her body with an assortment from the menu. When he's done, it's her turn to eat off of him.

The eating instructions are the same for both of you: make sure you place food at all the sensitive places, such as neck, shoulders, nipples, navel, waist, thighs and ... well you know where this is heading. Next, gently bite and nibble away each piece of food. It's very important to be sure you thoroughly lick clean each area. You may want to feed each other some of the items as you go so when your hunger shifts from food to each other, you have both had plenty to eat. When dinner is over, shower together, before you move on to dessert.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your date nights! If you'd like more ideas and some of my favorite recipes, come to www.TheFourAnswers.com and I promise to keep your culinary desires ignited.