Adult ADHD -- 5 Interventions To Succeed And Win

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Adult ADHD Sufferers Aren't Just Daydreamers. They Forget To Pick Up Their Kids At Daycare!

Adult ADHD also known as Adult ADD has been hard to identify and diagnose. Luckily the new Psychiatrist's Diagnosic Manual (DSM) has better criteria for identifying Adult ADD.

To make it more complicated it's still true today that some mental health professionals still believe it is only a disease that children suffer from. Yet it's a very real disorder for adults as well as children and it causes the adults that have it to suffer greatly in their personal and professional life.

Now new help in diagnosing and treating this disorder is on the way! The new DSM-5, bible of Psychiatric disorders used by the medical community, is including specific criteria for adult ADHD in the new version of the DSM.

Dr. Adelaide S. Robb, a psychiatrist working on re-writing this part of the DSM states that:
"Adults [with ADHD] need help with time management and executive coaching. They [typically] have a bunch of work-arounds that help them through the day, but then they change jobs, their responsibilities increase, and their work-arounds don’t work anymore. They’ll need help learning better time-management and task-approach skills to get their work done." She goes on to say that: "Adults with ADHD don’t run around incessantly and daydream in class. They’re more likely to lose receipts for expense reports, fall asleep while reading training manuals, forget to pay bills, lose laptops, or even forget to pick up their child at day care."

If this sounds familiar to you then we may now be able to more clearly identify what the problem is that is making it hard for you to be successful in your career or personal life. Once Adult ADHD is identified there are many things we can do to help you overcome this malady. Interventions include:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Research shows...

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