4 Steps For Stress Management In A High Speed World


The Cause of Stress is in your Mind not in the Events of the Day. Stress or Not, It's Your Choice!

Modern life is busy. Developing good stress management and good stress relief skills is a necessity. Almost all of us have more to do then we can possibly get done each day. We commute, work, try to exercise, take care of a home, spend time with loved ones and hope to find time to rest and recreate. Oh, and don’t forget, time to sleep! If that isn’t enough to get stressed out about we are also constantly frustrated by things not going our way, traffic jams, people not cooperating with our agenda, things breaking, and our own mistakes complicating our day.

Stress is a fear response in our body. When we experience fear our brain tells our body to release hormones and get ready to fight or run. Once the danger is over our bodies are supposed to drop the fight or flight response and return to normal. But if our day consists of one fear response after another then pretty soon our body can not drop back to a relaxed state and we are stressed out. Over time this predicament can cause stress-related physical illness, anxiety and depression.

Many of the things that trigger stress responses are things beyond our control, things like traffic jams, badly behaved computers and people not doing things our way. Since we can’t control our environment then we are left to control our mind. We have to learn not to get stressed out when daily frustrations happen. This is possible and here are the steps to do so.


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