The Kardashians Go To Therapy: What We Can Learn

The Kardashians Go To Therapy: What We Can Learn [EXPERT]
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Family therapists view dysfunction as resulting from the communication and feedback loops that occur within a family structure, rather than solely on the mind and brain of the individual. The ultimate goal of family systems therapy is to, understand the relationships that are occurring within the family, develop new, healthier patterns of relationships within the family and reach optimal levels of growth as a result of the repaired family system. Help! My Family Is Very Judgmental About My Divorce [VIDEO]

Larissa Rzemienski is The Managing Editor at She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, University Faculty Member in Psychology, and lover of Hollywood.  She links the field of Psychology to the Hollywood stories. As the Managing Editor at she fosters the growth of writers on the site. Follow Larissa Rzemienski on Twitter @larissar6

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