Healing Powers Of Kundalini Yoga

Heartbreak, Self

Learn about the psychological, physical, and emotional healing properties of Kundalini Yoga.

Dr. Gayle (affectionately known as Kayla Gayle), a colleague of mine, amazes me with her inner peace and strength.  At lunch with her this past week I discussed the passion that she has for Kundalini Yoga, and her recent decision to become an instructor of Kundalini.  Her website, Abundance-Yoga.com, describes the practice as, “Yoga is not about twisting yourself into a pretzel or standing on your head, but about nurturing your spirit, and freeing your heart…when Kundalini awakens, your entire life will awaken with abundance, energy, creativity and more.”

I wanted to find out what brought Kayla Gayle (Dharma Geet Kaur) to start practicing yoga, and how she thinks about using it as a form of treatment for clients who are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety.

The following is the interview that was conducted with Kayla Gayle, Ph.D.:

Larissa: Why did you start with yoga?
Kayla Gayle: Six months ago our 14 year old Australian Shepherd, Champion made his transition.  It was devastating.  In my grieving I felt the need to connect with community and looked up yoga.  A website called spiritvoyage.com popped up.  Which lead me to the Ashram in Phoenix, near 7th Street and Indian School, and in my first class the facilitator said to stick out your dog and pant like a dog.  It was as if, Champion had guided me to this class. The combination of breathing, yoga, meditation, and devotional chanting is very powerful.

Larissa:  How did you get into teacher training?
Kayla: My training started in January 2012, and the training lasts for seven months at the Ashram.  Kundalini Yoga is considered the mother of all yoga and encompasses silence, postures, movement, breath, and chanting. There is an enormous difference between Eastern and Western yoga.  Most of it is done with our eyes closed. It is not about what others are doing, it’s your practice.

Larissa: How do you feel that you’ve changed since starting yoga?
Kayla: The motivation behind taking yoga classes was to strengthen my core, and I’ve noticed that I’ve become stronger mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Kundalini yoga also talks about three minds: positive, negative, and neutral.  Recently, my 84 yr. old mother had a fall, and shortly after my father had several strokes and spent three months in the hospital. Both parents are diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer. Going through these experiences yoga has really helped in supporting the stress levels.

Larissa:  You mentioned three types of mind, the positive, negative, and neutral? Why wouldn’t we want to be in a “positive” mind?
Kayla: Even when we receive good news, we know that it is temporary, so we don’t become attached to the “oh this feels so good” feeling. We want to maintain neutral to the events in our lives.  Living life as a fixed frequency.  Whether I’m on my ninth ambulance ride with my father, spending 98 hours in the emergency room, or calling hospice, I choose to remain fixed in my emotions.  I’m in the flow of life and going with what is.

Larissa:  How do you explain that you maintain the neutral experience?
Kayla: It’s all about the breathing!  Breathing! Breathing! For example, you can block the right nostril and breathe out of the leftt which is the “moon.” This is for calming.  If you do the opposite it is the “sun.” The “sun” is for energizing.  You can also alternate the breathing for balance.  Whether you are feeling anxiety at work or your kids are stressing you out, and you just need to breathe, it changes you.

Larissa: What are your comments in terms of using yoga to treat depression or anxiety?
Kayla: Sometimes yoga can treat these problems more quickly than traditional talk therapy.  It’s the fast track and dives into the core of your issue.  You don’t have to go back and talk through the story.  It’s not about the story because everybody has a chapter or two.  It’s about how to change your story and who would you really be.

Larissa: How are the emotional problems addressed specifically?
Kayla:  The body doesn’t lie. Kundalini yoga address all aspects. It comes with different postures as student’s process their unique situations. There are sets for kidneys, heart center, lungs, glands etc. If you want to work on high blood pressure, there are certain meditations that are used. It’s so important to breathe our way through and to have a super strong core.

Larissa: If somebody reading this article wants to work on some of these things, what steps should they take?
Kayla: They can visit our site abundance-yoga.com Offering yoga retreats, private, and group sessions.  We are planning trips to Joshua Tree, Summer Solstice Espanola, New Mexico, Costa Rica for Winter Solstice, and Belize.  If you are interested in learning more about the amazing practice of Kundalini Yoga, Kayla Gayle can be contacted at 888.443.6443

Thank you very much for this helpful information, Kayla Gayle!

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