7 Days Of Sex: Episode Three-Peat

Love, Sex

7 Days of Sex sees continued successes on Episode 3. Couples learn to ignite the sparks and connect.

Day 3: Brittany asks Roland to stay home with the kids and cook her dinner while she goes out with a friend. Brittany wants Roland to, “appreciate how much work and time it takes.” Roland ends up turning the kitchen into a disaster zone, and the mashed potatoes are completely messed up. Although dinner was not “sexy,” Brittany still appreciates the effort that Roland put forth and Day 3 of 7 Days of Sex ends with a check mark.

Ari wants to get down and dirty so she puts on some sexy lingerie for Barry. They end Day 3 of 7 Days of Sex with DOUBLE success!

Day 4: Roland surprises Brittany with a limo and a night on the town. It feels like old times for the couple, until they get a phone call from the babysitter that their newborn is awake and crying. Their video cam shows the couple still awake at 2:48 a.m. with their crying baby. Although Day 4 of 7 Days of Sex was a fail for them, they still get an A+ for effort.

Barry takes Ari to a motel, although Ari is disappointed when she realizes there is no bell hop, no valet, and the doors to each room open to the outdoors (gasp!). Ari hopes that the room will get prettier with “wine goggles on.” Day 4 of 7 Days of Sex is a success for Barry and Ari, partially because they were away from their normal environment of computers, business calls, and barking animals.

Day 5: Roland’s competitive side shows as he wants to make up for yesterday’s fail. He prepares a nice card and lunch for Brittany. He also lets her take a nap while he cares for the kids. Day 5 of 7 Days of Sex is an all-around success for Roland and Brittany.

Ari and Barry are still at their motel and complete their Day 5 sex in the morning hours. Barry tells Ari “you pop my cork” as he pops open a bottle of champagne.

Day 6: Brittany wants to recognize Roland for all the nice things he’s been doing for her this week, and she lets him pick out any piece of lingerie for her to wear that night. Roland reports that night 6 of 7 Days of Sex was “EXCELLENT!”… “lingerie does it for me.”

Meanwhile Barry prepares a nice bath and champagne for Ari, and they enjoy a romantic evening together.

Day 7: 7 Days of Sex Vow Renewal Ceremony Highlights
Brittany - “I promise to be open to going out more. I promise to focus on us and making us a priority.”

Roland – “I promise to take you out. I promise NOT to make you dinner, but I will make you lunch.”

Ari – “I vow to keep things fresh and exciting between us in the bedroom.”

Barry “I promise to always put you above and beyond business. I’m yours forever and a day.”