Your Future Relationship Happens Now


Fragments of your past affect your now. What makes you a zombie? How can you avoid losing yourself?

Imagine that you are a hologram made of the fragments of your past, fantasies about future and collective perceptions you learned from people in your life. When a wrong word is said or something else reminds you about your past disappointments or betrayal, you lose yourself in this memory and unconsciously leave the present moment.

When you are fully present, you create relationships of mutual appreciation and love. Focusing on what is best in your relationship in the NOW, you attract the next NOW moment that matches high vibrations of love and fulfillment. When you become scared of the possible emotional pain, you act it out in the present moment, triggering your partner to respond to your fears.

Every time you enter in relationship, these fragments of your past enter into your relationship with you. They make you zoom in and out of the present and experience illusionary fears and doubts. Imagine that both you and your partner are simultaneously set off by something you were doing or talking about and start arguing. How can you resolve your conflict if both of you are lost in the old memories? Just as you are unconscious about the real time and space during a nightmare, you unconsciously lose yourself, your power and your ability to communicate effectively in such moments.

Being true to yourself and relating from your knowing in the NOW is easy when you understand where your fears and doubts are coming from. They are a result of the natural activity of your mind that is trying to protect you from the future misfortunes using your past distress. Learn what makes you unconscious and you can create safe, joyful experiences in your love life Now.

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