What Is This Feeling About Me?

Love, Self

I need you! I want you! I cannot live without you! Do these words express your love or your drama?

I need you! I want you! I cannot live without you!

Do these words really express the feeling of love?

Mistaking a need for a warm body next to you for love often makes it impossible to experience the state of love, a feeling of merging and melting, a sense of belonging, a sensation of being one.

We all love drama. It makes life much more intriguing and inspiring. At the same time, we are also scared of being involved in someone’s drama, even if it concerns someone we love.

  • How would it feel like, if a person you love could be 100% present to all the amazing heights and even the lowest downs of your interactions?
  • How would it improve your relationship, if you stay present to your partner’s upset without loosing yourself in it?
  • How would it change your sex life, if you can sense every sensation and every nuance of your intricate body communication?

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