Live Honestly Using Your Truth Barometer

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Hiding your truth in order to be loved? Find out how to love yourself first & then find your match!

Connect to your inner truth barometer by answering a few questions:

1. How often do you think about doing, or actually do something that you do not value?

2. Do you support something or someone else at your own expense?

3. What motivates you to go against your gut? 6 Ways To Bring Your A-Game To Marriage Counseling (And Save Your Relationship)

Often, we feel resentful and criticize something in order to separate from it. Do you know that when you feel separate, you sense even more need to blame someone or something for feeling disconnected? You start looking for faults to justify your disengagement.

Notice how you feel about yourself when you are engaging in conversations or activities with others and make a commitment to be true to yourself.

Ask Yourself:

Acknowledge the fact that you have invested some of your energetic currency incorrectly. Stop further financing these actions as soon as you become aware of it.

You can shift your focus from the past into the present and create your future by asking open-ended questions like:

  • Why do I hide?
  • What am I ashamed of?
  • What do I feel guilty about?
  • Am I being judgmental?
  • How would it feel to stop rejecting others for fear that they might reject me?
  • How would it feel to open my heart to myself and accept my needs, desires and my right to have what I want?

I want to remind you again and again:

Be patient. Come back to creating whatever you desire in your life. Are You Afraid To Strike Out?

Your life is your business. It is up to you to continue investing in someone else’s cases or energize your own life purpose with your full attention to what matters to you!

Ask open ended questions and notice changes that deliver more experiences that match your sense of worth.

Write a short intention list of what you want to incorporate in your life this week. Use at least one intention statement a day in your conversations with yourself and others. Start acting as if whatever you wish to happen in the future was already part of your life

Focus your attention on what you are building, not on what is still missing.

For example: I know what I want. / I communicate clearly and openly. / I ask effectively for what I need. / I choose ideas, places and opportunities that support me. / I am highly creative. / I act when I am ready. / I have strong boundaries. / I think and do what is important to me. / I adapt to change easily. /  All my needs are always met in healthy ways. / I feel I have enough. / I am generous to myself and others.

Judge yourself and see the critisism in every interaction you experience. Find the love for yourself and you will find the matching love in every encounter you attract. Find your authentic self and then find the love that matches your desires.

I am a Life Purpose Intuitive and a Mind Magic Mentor. Let me help you find your authentic self, and then attract magical life that matches your desires.

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