The Secrets of Relating: Expanding I Am Presence

Love, Family

Are you ready to piece together, embrace, and fulfill who you are and all your desires? Here is how:

It is time to write your own saga of love!

This video conversation will help you answer the Who, Where, When, What and How you can shift into personal confidence and trusting within, so you can build relationships that support both partners in expansion.

Are you trying to be a “good girl”? A “good boy”? To make someone happy?

Do you create relationships that feel like a “bad Karma”?

Do you try to rebel? Do you submit? Are you hiding your true self?

What defines You? Your decisions? Your position in the family?

Can you freely express yourself in your friends’ circles? In your community?

What contains you? What limits your truth, your power, your dreams?

Are you aware of the many layers and dimensions of your personality?

Are you ready to piece together, embrace, and fulfill all that you are and all your desires?

Do you doubt your ever expanding spirit or allow yourself to experience your relationships in a way that empowers and uplifts you?

Are you still telling the old family stories or living your life on your terms?

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