The Secret Of ME: How To Resolve My Biggest Problem

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Do you feel like a Queen/King? Learn the secret of unlocking your power via sensing and sensuality.

Do you feel like a Queen/King in your own Life, Your Majesty?

Every problem you perceive starts in your Solar Plexus, your emotional “Reality Control Panel”, and a place from which your Higher Self guides you into action. When you feel hurt or unappreciated, your spirit is “gone” and you feel tired and less enthusiastic about life. It happens because your energy gets invested in someone else’s life and is not there for you.

Know that your creative energy never seizes to create. It keeps building relationships, bringing you abundance or disasters, even when it creates outside of your awareness, values or conscious intention. The real secret of building loving creative relationships within the Matrix of your life is in becoming aware of where your spirit is and what it is creating in every moment, and then managing your creation.

Learning to be you is the only lesson that is worth learning. It is can only learned by unlocking your sensuality, the ability to use ALL your senses in any given moment.

The biggest secret behind the “Secret” is that you have already graduated from this painstaking program called the School of Life. You are a Successful Graduate with a Master Degree in Science of Living Your Own Life. You are the only one who knows what is right for you. This short video article will help you become more powerful and conscious force of creation of your relationship with others and life in general.

Remember that ME, Myself and I are your instinctive Board of Supporters. Cultivate self-approval and self-acceptance. Make sure you do not give away their inner voting power to anyone outside who you did not seriously interview and accept for this important job.

This video article will teach you how to feel when you leave the Living Your Own Life Business for Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes Business, so you can quickly come back to managing your amazing perfected Self.

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