The Secret of Being You… Even in Relationship


Do you know who is really in charge of my personal Universe? Learn how you can Be You, even in Love

Your partners are your mirrors. They reflect and amplify everything that you are: your past, present and even future. You may blame, complain about or throw away your mirror, but you'd lose a reflection that, when used appropriately, helps you be, look and feel loved and attractive.

Learn how you can Be You, while allowing your partners a space to express who they are without loosing your self-respect, high standards and your essence (unconsciously or consciously ) from Lana Pritzker, The Marriage Puzzle Coach.

The first step in every transformation is to acknowledge that you have a strong inner knowing and stop making decisions based on fear, external pressure or a need to please anyone, if the people you love. Anything you experience within your relationship is an opportunity to find and cultivate your personal truth and flow of Love, that is your life force energy. Your partners are your mirrors. If you do not like what you see, ask yourself:

  • Who is really in charge of my personal Universe?
  • Do I feel free to create according to my will?
  • Can I let go of the need to control my environment (my partner) to assure my wellbeing?

And the most important question: What can I do to feel better?

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