How to Let Go of Memories That Affect Your Relationships Now


Do you know what is stored in your memory banks? Learn how to stop pleasing others and care for you.

Did you know, that:

1.  When you are engaged in relationship, the truth of your relationship is reflected in your interactions, whether you are conscious of it or not.

2.  No matter what words you use and how you choose to communicate consciously, there is an underlying energetic current that gives your words their true meaning.

3.  This under current can either nurture or destroy your relationship.

4.  Your true communication is made out of waves of energy and information that emanate from your memory banks called Chakras.

Growing up and trying to please others in your adult life, you internalized what is “appropriate” according to your cultural or tribal “dos”, “should’s” and “do not’s”. For example, if your family teaches you to take care of everyone else first, you start responding to other people’s needs and desires instead of following your own needs for safety and stability. Even though you may not consciously support these beliefs, you still unconsciously sacrifice your personal preferences and accommodate family priorities.

Every critical remark about how much you should have done for so and so is now stored in your Chakra memory banks and make you feel that you are not living up to someone’s expectations. You become less confident, less certain about your decisions and try to change your behaviors in order to please others or prove your self-worth.

The integrity and depth of your relationship depends on how you feel while interacting with others. Your relationship can drastically improve if you pay attention to how you physically feel when thinking about or participating in your relationships. Focusing on what you feel will give you a clue of WHERE and WHEN you go unconsciously and help you notice and let go of any charged memories that distort your current relationship.

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