Bring Back Your Sexual Power: Energetics of the Second Chakra

Bring Back Your Sexual Power: Energetics of the Second Chakra
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Money, power, creativity, babies, projects, relationships...Learn how to create with your sexuality

Money, power, creativity, babies, projects, relationships
These words describe material manifestations of the Sacral Energetic Center, the Second Chakra that is located in the abdominal area of your body.

Do you know that where your attention goes, the creative process of your life flows?

Can you truly say: “I have all the power in the world to create”?
Do you really put attention on your life and desires or do you experience victim-like states where you find yourself enslaved by the desires of others?
Do you invest your power, time and money in creating something that does not inspire your heart and makes your stomach turn upside down?

You creative power can be both nourished and depleted by the quality of the energetic investments you make. Sacral Energy Center is connected to creative organs in your body and it needs your conscious participation in its process of creation. Making choices that do not feel right in your "gut" may deplete you to the point of experiencing illness, lost of sexual drive, impotency and infertility in many aspects of your life.
Financing your Sacral Chakra with truth, certainty and personal power is more important then investing in any other projects you finance based on someone's pressure or belief. This energy feeds your organs, your relationships and your ability to generate more energy to impact your world.

If you feel that you are creating relationships of slavery, abuse and victimization, look at what drives you into these experiences and, like a smart investor, "cut the loses" on a bad investment and move on.

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