You can attract a mate from three different levels

You can attract a mate from three different levels

Figuring out who we are and our life purpose or mission, can help us attract a genuine, healthy mate

Ever wonder how to find the ever elusive Mr. or Ms. Right?  Wanting deperately to ensure that you don't choose the wrong one, you are sometimes too cautious and at other times may have thrown caution to the wind.  Here's a key:  Start looking inside first.  "What?!", you ask, " How do I find something outside of me on the inside  of me?"  The Law of Attraction, that invisible, magnetic force that brings people together works on a number of levels.  All of the levels involve karmic ties.  Some relationships may be (artic) blasts from the past, some may be the situation where you get to have your cake and eat it too.

  • The superficial level attracts temporary and frustrating relationships.  Here is where the proverbial "opposites attract" comes into play.   
  • The middle level attracts persons who help you  to learn from your mistakes and sometimes the hard way. 
  • The deepest and most enduring level, the spiritual level, attracts the one who will complement your life; the person who will bring out the best in you and for whom you will reciprocate that favor. 

But you can only attract this kind of spiritual mate when you have done the necessary internal work on yourself.  Got that list of qualities you want in a mate?  Assess yourself first.  Want somebody truthful, reliable? Are you truthful at your core?  Are you hankering for a hard-working, determined trailblazer?  Can you score in the industrious, pioneering department? Looking for an affectionate team player?  Would your friends and family label you affectionate?  Would they say you don't mind being different?  Do you envision a life with a caring, compassionate person?  Are you caring and compassionate yourself?  Getting ready for the Right person requires work and the ability to self-examine.

If however, you have not polished your own diamond, you attract the superficial relationship that is drawn to your unfinished, unhealthy self.  Take time to figure out who you really are, what your mission is in life and what qualities and values are most important to you.  Make the connection to the Divine Spirit that flows through all life.  Read, study -- don't be afraid to really know your self so that you may access inner peace and tranquility no matter what the chaos that surrounds you.   Are you your body?  Are you your thoughts or your mind?  Work on yourself and when you have done so and clarified your value system, then you are ready for a deeper attraction.

Remember, opposites may attract, but likes can unify and make two become one.

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