6 Ways To Handle Frustrations, Stresses, And Set-Backs


We all have days where nothing goes our way. But there are things you can do about it!

I am not an avid tennis player but I like to smack the ball around every now and then, so when my daughter asked if I wanted to play, I was up for the challenge.

What I noticed almost immediately was, my fine-tuned aim always landed the ball within a two to three foot radius of where she was standing. In other words, she hardly had to do any moving - aside from raising her arm up every now and then to return the ball to me.

I on the other hand was doing more diving, sprinting, grunting, groaning, and leaping then what I can remember in recent history.

Let’s just say she was having an “off night” and seemingly could NEVER get the ball right to me. I was pushing myself to run after the out-of-bounds ball, or rushing the net for a ball that barely made it over, or stretching and jumping just to return the mile-high volley. In other words, I was working 10 times harder than her just to play the same game.

Do you ever have moments like that - where you’re feeling like you’re putting in a lot of effort and getting very little in return. While the other person seems to sail through the exact same experience and hardly breaks a sweat!!

I thought about all the life lessons my little tennis game turned out to be and here are 6 things to consider:

1. Life isn’t fair. In fact, some people may always appear to breeze right through things with the greatest of ease. In spite of that, accept where you’re at, do the best you can, and count the blessings you have on this day. It helps you put things in perspective.

2. If you can make changes, do. Work smarter at your goals - not harder.

3. If you’re putting a lot of ‘energy’ into projects, relationships, your job, family, emotions, or other things that always bring out the drama in your life, figure out what is important to get through that moment and re-evaluate how to make things more manageable for future reference.

4. Sometimes you can’t control the situation you’re in, know who you are, suck it up, and find the best way to deal with it.

5. When you are feeling overwhelmed, and can’t get out from underneath the stress, find a support system.

6. There’s nothing wrong with being the tortoise - slow and steady wins the race. Go at your own pace, and let the hare’s fly by you.

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All I can say is thank goodness my daughter and I play for fun, and while I hope to be more evenly matched next time, I did a weeks worth of exercise all in one night!

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