5 Ways To Love What You’re Eating!


Enjoy food and start making permanent changes - No more mindless eating!

We’ve all had those moments where you rush through a meal and not only can’t remember what you ate, but just didn’t enjoy anything you put into your mouth. The pace of our busy lifestyles leave very little wiggle room to shop, create, and savor the meals that we desire and eat.

I’m currently changing my own eating patterns and have given myself permission to slow down - at least for 10 minutes - instead of rushing through things. It’s really hard to accomplish this at times but it’s something I have to really work at for better overall nutritional balance.

Do you ever do that with meals?

I, like you, need to be reminded of things we do that may be sabotaging our weight loss efforts, like rushing through meals. While I try not to make food the focus of my day,  here are some key tips that will help you to really enjoy those well-deserved meals:

1. Eat sitting down (this helps you to taste what you’re putting in your mouth)

2. Time yourself with how long it takes to eat a meal. You may be surprised it takes you mere minutes to finish your meal. Take 10 minutes or longer to eat your meal (it‘s good for your digestion too).

3. Try to have a relaxing, calming place in which to eat. We’re stimulated all day long with phone calls, TV, things to read, background noise, etc., find a relatively peaceful environment to enjoy your food.

4. Good dinner conversation is always a plus. Be careful of mindless eating though while your conversing, stick to your planned meal only, and enjoy your company and the conversation.

5. I’m a big believer that when you restrict a certain food is when the cravings can kick in even more. Just be wise about portions. In the end, it’s all about portions. Remember, cravings come and go and once you limit the foods you crave, your cravings will diminish significantly over time.

It probably goes against every dieting tip you’ve ever heard but I encourage you to love your food!