Valuating Your Personal Currency


Your personal currency is your attention, your intellect and your creative capacity.

Currency valuation is big business. There are lots of very smart people in the world running calculations, hypotheticals, and analyses every day to determine the value of the dollar, the yen, the euro etc. But what we are talking about today is very different. I want to talk to you about your personal currency.

Your personal currency is your attention, your intellect, your creative capacity. It is your time, your energy, your health and your love.

Let me tell you something… your personal currency holds more value than any monetary system out there. Here’s why: It’s yours! It can’t be devalued. It can’t suffer a 600 point drop in a day. It can create tremendous, sustainable wealth and it can bring you true sustainable fulfillment and gratification in your life.

But you MUST protect it. You need to guard your personal currency like it’s the gold inside of Ft. Knox. Unfortunately, too many women are giving their gold away. When you spend time listening to a friend complain incessantly for the 99th time about something she does nothing about, when you commit to doing something that you don’t want to do, when you put food in your body that does not fuel your need for nutrition – all are wasting your personal currency.

This is BIG stuff. We could spend days talking about all of the different aspects of this idea – but I think you get it. The easiest way to do this (and yes, I know this will spur a conversation on what it means to be selfish… a conversation for another time) is to:

  • Do what you want to do.
  • Don’t do what you don’t want to do.
  • Honor your mind, your money and your body.

Simple, right? Not so much. Because everybody else wants your gold!!! It’s really valuable, remember?

Let’s talk about this in the context of “Throwing like a girl.” Don’t know what you don’t want to know. If you are fascinated by the market, if you are truly jazzed by knowing about stocks, bonds, mutual funds – heck… you can short options for all I care, if you LOVE it. But, if like many, it’s not your thing, it’s o.k.!

In business we delegate what we aren’t good at. Same for your life. There are some amazing financial advisors and planners out there who DO love this stuff and can give you solid advice about your situation and how it pertains to what is going on in the economy.

After all, the last thing you want to do is waste your personal currency in trying to know every strategy about managing your financial currency. Wise women also know that they are able to ride the ups and downs of the market knowing that we’ve put a foundation in place (with the help of an advisor if necessary) that will allow us to weather the rocky road of the economy and not live in fear, worry and disempowerment.

I challenge you to notice how you are spending your personal currency over the next week, and also to notice how honoring your personal currency impacts your sense of wealth and well-being

This article was originally published at Kive Leatherman Wise Women Network . Reprinted with permission from the author.