Finding Your Inner Mentor: A Workshop

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Few women know about their own "internal mentor" - a surprising, unfailing source of inner guidance.

Discovering Your Internal Mentor

With Tara Shopia Mohr


There's a great deal of talk about the importance of women finding mentors, but few women know about their own "internal mentor" - a surprising, unfailing source of inner guidance and wisdom that they can draw upon anytime.

Over the past three years, I've worked with hundreds of women in business, the social sector and the arts to help them Play Bigger. Without exception, this is one of the most powerful tools I know of that creates significant change in women's lives. It has also been key in my own journey creating a more joy-filled life and growing a successful business that I love.

In this workshop, you'll discover and get to know your internal mentor, and learn a variety of practices you can use to access her wisdom, peace, and clarify when you most need it.

This workshop will be particularly transformative for women who:

  • Would like to feel less stressed and anxious in the hectic nature of everyday life
  • Would like to draw upon a clear internal compass to make decisions
  • Would like a easeful, relaxed way of stepping into a much more powerful version of themselves

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Here's what a couple of women who have learned this tool with Tara have said:

"My internal mentor's wisdom was so simple, I was disappointed when I firstheard it. "Umm, that's all you've got for me?" I thought. Now that I've sat with her words for six months, I've come to cherish them. Whenever I get impatient or off-center, they ground me." - course participant

After nearly two weeks of working with my inner mentor, I'm wondering "What, exactly, was I paying for with all that therapy and self-help books?" Kidding, of course. Kinda. Not really. Just WOW. Where as other forms of "changing" (be more calm, be more strong, be more centered, be more relaxed, all shouted at myself like a drill sergeant) seemed, frankly, like so *much* work, this is rather effortless." - course participant

Date: Thurday, March 22 1-2:00pm EST

While we'd love to have you on the call to be able to provide individual coaching and Q&A, the call will be recorded and provided to you as an mp3 with the PDF workbook.

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