3 Steps To Growth And Positive Living


3 Steps to Growth and Positive Living

When it comes to your life, how often do you think about growth and how far you’ve come in life. Living is growing whether we recognize it or not. A part of the growth process is learning what relationships and habits need to be removed so you can be at peace and experience positivity. Your life is like a plant growing in the soil. You must water that plant for it to grow. Once you water that plant you may start to see positive results(growth) and eventually you must change the size of the pot that plant is in. If you leave the plant in the same pot and it’s growing what happens, it will eventually die. Now think about your life, if you stay in the same negative relationships and continue to exhibit negative behaviors your soul/spirit will eventually die, and the worse kind of death is being alive but dead on the inside. Here are 3 steps to growth so you can live a positive healthy life. Revive your spirit-READY, SET, GO!

1.     To manifest and grow you must cut emotional ties to people that weigh you down. It’s important to get rid of old things especially those things that don’t bring peace and positivity. An example of an emotional tie that needs to be cut is someone that doesn’t welcome change and is causing drama in your life. Another example would be being in a romantic relationship with someone that doesn’t want the same things you want in life. I have my own personal quote that I truly believe and it goes like this, “You can’t be a new person and entertain the same people”. You get the picture! When you cut emotional ties and welcome in the new your life starts to shift in a positive way that brings prosperity and joy.

2.     Change your way of thinking as well as negative behaviors. Clinically speaking, when looking at the Cognitive Behavioral Triangle emotions are linked to thoughts and thoughts are linked to behaviors. So, emotions-thoughts-behaviors. Again, emotions-thoughts-behaviors. If you can control your emotions and change your thoughts, then you will automatically make improvements with behaviors. Positive thoughts-emotions equals positive behaviors which in turn produces growth! If you can change the way you view people, situations and the world your blossoming into a beautiful soul! Keep on your journey.

3.     Identify and confront the fears that keep you stuck. If you’re fearful, chances are changes aren’t being made and therefore no growth. Fear comes from a negative belief you have about yourself that more than likely came from someone else. So many times, people tell us “no you can’t do that” or “I don’t know if I would try that” so we limit ourselves and start buying into those negative false beliefs that were planted in us. The key is to NOT let other people transfer their fear into your spirit. YOU must believe in yourself and understand that change is scary but very necessary, especially if you want to grow. So, I ask you what’s stopping your growth? Whatever it is, DO NOT let it take over your life anymore! Start watering your plant and watch it grow!

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​Kitty Robinson is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Motivational Speaker. To connect visit her website at www.robinsoncounselingpllc.com