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5 Ways To Feel Dateable After Divorce

5 Ways To Feel Dateable After Divorce [EXPERT]

1. Discover your passions again.

Do things maybe you couldn't do with your ex and always wanted to or used to do. Go bungy jumping, take a hike, get a new pet or engage in any other activity you have been wanting to do for a long time but haven't.

Rediscover what makes you feel lively and are interested in. It is also important to have hobbies and things you like to do outside of just dating. Your date will also admire that you are into your own thing and will have things to talk about and possibly do together.

2. Get into your body and be sexy.

It's easy to feel a little insecure about your sexual confidence when you have been with one person for so long. Get out of your head and into your body by taking salsa, pole dancing, buying new lingerie, reading about sex, or exploring your sexual side.

Also, exercise in order to reclaim your power, get in shape, and feel sexually confident. When you feel good about your body, you move differently and give off a sexual energy that both men and women find attractive. The Hidden Dangers Of Online Dating

3. Get a new social circle.

As nice as your married friends are, they are in a different place than you. It’s time to start meeting new people who are also single to have fun with. This way you can go out, be a little crazy and practice talking and flirting when you are out.

4. Observe and learn from role models.

Watch people who are good at attracting the opposite sex and note their body language, the way they talk, and how they dress. The more you surround yourself with people like that, the more you will embody a similar energy. 20 Rules For Your First Online Date

5. Buy new clothes for a great dating image.

Look in your closet and survey your wardrobe. Do you have a closet filled with black oversize shirts that don't fit your body well, nursing bras and Birkenstocks? Your dating image should be different than your mommy and daddy look, your corporate look, and your "older" look. With your new found image, learn what clothes the opposite sex find sexy.

Women: get some dresses, heels, sexy tank tops, nice jeans, and dress feminine. Men: get out of your pleated pants and get fitted jeans, a nice button down, and a sports coat. Accentuate the body parts you like and wear your clothes with confidence! How To Tell if He's Really Into You on The 1st Date

At the end of the day, enjoy this time in your life as it's a chance to start over and rediscover yourself again. It can all be overwhelming but if you take your time and do even some of the aforementioned suggestions, you will start the process of feeling whole again and working towards finding the right person in your life!

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