4 Benefits Of Being Divorced During The Holidays

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Believe it or not, there are actual advantages!

3. You can attend "you" holiday festivities. It is fun to pick and choose different holiday parties to meet people. You don't have to attend parties your spouse would like you to go to or talk with people you are "supposed" to talk to. Now you can concentrate on festivities that will be fun for you and mingle with interesting people. Get a new outfit and hit the parties. You may meet some other single friends or a new love interest to kiss under the mistletoe!

4. You only have to worry about your own family gatherings. No matter what your relationship was like with your ex's family members, there usually is a lot of stress of how time gets divided or merged during the holidays. Of course, there will be aspects you will miss about the large family gatherings, but there are some nice parts about planning your own holiday celebrations. Use this time to relax and be with your family in ways you want. You might even start new traditions or go away with your family for a holiday vacation to reconnect to your roots.

It's natural to feel the absence of the family unit and the partnership you once had. But it is also a period where you can embrace your new freedom, create new celebrations, rejoice in the blessings you have and open yourself to possibilities to come. Happy holidays!