Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death


Declare this July 5th your Sexual Independence Day! You won't believe what a little liberty can do.

In the same drunken, crazed and brazen spirit with which our nation's forefathers declared our independence from the monarchy so many hundred years ago I propose that the following holiday be added to your calendar immediately.

July 5th is Sexual Independence Day!

And just as those that came before us (those being the courageous souls of all creeds and genders that have rallied to ensure the rights of all humans be not denied) would have rather died than live one more moment without liberty, you too must be willing to risk all in the pursuit of your own Sexual Sovereignty.

The ways in which your Sexual Liberty is estranged from you are many and varied in this day and age.

Fear of physical 'consequences' - babies you can't imagine raising and STDs you'd rather never know existed - keeps your most powerful power, your sexuality, on lock down.

Judgmental additudes you have no idea how you picked up, muddy the waters and obscure your view of the infinite possibilities a fully realized sexual being has at their finger tips.

Tendencies, that became habits, now rigidly confine you to boredom in your intimate relationships and limited release everywhere else.

Now is the time to say no more.

No more comfortable dissatisfaction.

No more tolerably low self worth.

No more chronic victimhood.

Now is the time to ask for more, more of the best stuff.

More incomprehensibly pleasurable experiences.

More sustainable energy for your efforts.

More outrageous and ever expansive possibilities.

Now is the time to fall in love with your authentic, most essential sexual self and to let that Self lead you straight into your Life of Dreams.

So let freedom ring on this, your first day of Sexual Independence.

Sovereignty has never felt better.