Are Your Friends Killing Your Positive Vibes?

Family, Self

Some relationships take more energy than they deserve and prevent us from reaching our goals.

Some foods agree with us and some don't. The same is true for relationships. Are your friends agreeing with you lately? What about your romantic interest? Is he or she tasting good at the moment? Let's be honest, things change, we change, and other people change. Trying to hold on to a relationship for the sake of "being a good person" is a big fat waste of time. If you are committed to living an outrageously passionate life, you do not have the energy for people who no longer nourish or uplift you.

This may sound selfish but I assure you, it's not. Every person who learns to manage his or her energy in a way that supports their own evolution becomes an inspiration to others. Losing energy on people or things that no longer agree with you means that you have less energy to achieve your dreams and goals. It may appear self-centered to those you leave behind, but having the courage to do what's in your heart ultimately elevates everyone.

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