The Classiest Way To Answer “Why Are You STILL Single?”

Step 3 Let er Rip!

Now, from this relaxed, high vibration place respond with the following:

Friend/ Family Member: “Firstname, I don’t understand why you stopped dating that person you were with? They seemed so nice and I just can’t figure out why you’re still single?”

You:  “You know, I have no idea why I’m single but, boy oh boy I’m sure GLAD I am!!! I get to wake up when I want, spend and save my money as I choose, I don’t have to answer to anyone AND hog the entire bed every night – how GREAT is that! I LOVE having this time on my own – I’ve never been SO happy!”

You can imagine the look on their face when you come back with this high vibration response! Certainly not what their used to by any stretch and works like magic – every time. What you’ll notice right away is those in your social circle will rarely bring up the subject with you – most often never again.

No more deflecting or being put in a position where you have to explain something you don’t have the answer to. I highly recommend practicing exactly what you’ll say by yourself and in front of a mirror so you get comfortable with the words and energy.

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