"How to TRULY Connect With Your Ideal Man"


Everyone has an equal amount of ability to manifest their heart desires.

There’s nothing like the magical energy of a NEW year to create a fresh, blank canvas to paint a picture of what you want to manifest over the next 12 months – especially in the love department. With so many possibilities, you may not be sure where to start. But, as every artist will attest to, a masterpiece always begins with a vision.

Before I go into specific tips, I want to talk a little bit about manifesting. Everyone has an equal amount of ability to manifest whatever their heart desires. However, if you’re like many other women, you’re not using the full power of

For example, you likely start your day whipping out of bed, jumping in the shower, grab a coffee and race to the office – throw in managing kids/pets/schedules – and you’ve got a morning filled with frenzy. When you don’t take the time to decide how your day is going to go, life happens TO you and you spend your life reacting vs. controlling the outcome.

The truth is, you have the ability to control how your day goes AND exactly what kind of man you want to attract – it’s all about being intentional and holding a powerful vision of what you want. When you don’t decide ahead of time how you’re day/life or life partner will be, then life tends to hand you everything you don’t want.

Whenever I ask a woman what she wants in a man, they will share a laundry list of items like; no kids, financially secure, sense of humor, dresses well, physically fit, etc…

These are all important things but, I’ve never heard of anyone leaving a guy because he didn’t have a sense of humor! This is why it’s SO important when creating your vision of an ideal mate, you want to make sure your powerfully manifesting from your heart-centered values vs. material or physical aspects that ultimately are never the deciding factor whether you stay with a man or not.

I got a big lesson with this when I fell in love with a man who had looks, charm and wealth – what looked like the whole package in every way. Yet, I always somehow felt uncertain about myself and the relationship the entire time we were together – you know that feeling when something’s off, but you can’t put your finger on it?

We eventually went our separate ways and when I looked back, I could see I got exactly what I asked for based on my “list”. Thankfully I’m a quick study and got the lesson! From that day forward I discovered how to connect into my heart FIRST (what I truly value) and intentionally create from there.

Action Exercise
Many women don’t know or find it a challenge determining the difference between wants and values. Here’s a quick and simple process to support you with that and help you connect with your heart so you can quickly get clear what your unique values are.

1) Carve out some quiet time and grab a pen and paper.

2) Connect into your heart and think about the kind of man you want to attract. If you notice any fear, doubt or past pain come up, take a deep breath and release it.

3) When you feel peaceful and clear, close your eyes and allow images of you and your ideal mate doing things together to come up – notice what you “see” and make a bullet list briefly describing those images.

4) Now, let’s put this all together. Create 2 headings “image” on the left and “= Value” on right. See my sample below to show you what to do with your descriptions and how to easily determine what you truly value:

Image = Value
Long conversations/sharing your day/ expressing your feelings Communication
Walking on the beach/hiking/sailing nature Outdoors
Meeting your parents/ Xmas dinner having children/ Family


Continue to do this with every image on your list and place the value next to it. You should end up with at least 5 – 7 values that stand out. Now you have an accurate, reliable compass to guide you every time you meet a new, potential mate – so great! On the flipside, if a new man in your life only shares 1 or 2 values, this is probably a strong indication they’re not a good match for you.

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