Ask Kim: “How to Prepare for a Date?”


What are some ways I can get into my feminine energy before going on a date?

Question: What are some ways I can get into my feminine energy before going on a date? K.D., Texas

Answer: K.D. I SO love this great question. Why? Because guiding women in this area is one of my favourite things to do AND I truly admire any woman who wants to get better at connecting into this Divine, sacred energy.

There are a million ways to Sunday on how to activate you’re femininity. But, before I go into that, I want to make an important point. Connecting into your feminine energy is best practiced and ultimately becomes more natural when you bring it with you everywhere you go – not just before a date.

I continually share through all my articles and programs, it’s crucial for women to be striking the balance between the “producing/masculine” side of you and your “softer/feminine” side. I meet and coach many women who are feeling depleted and burnt out – all a result of too much production and not enough RECEIVING.

Which leads me right into 3 excellent tips on how to stay anchored in your feminine energy before, during and after date:

# 1 Your Mindset

If you’ve been at work all day, you’ve most likely been in production mode for at least 8 hours. The last thing you want is to show up on a date dressed and behaving like a man, yes? Give yourself time to shift this energy, decompress, have a relaxing bubble bath and focus on the exciting night ahead.

# 2 How to Dress

Most women in North America live in colder climates and tend to dress for comfort and practicality vs. sensuality. I’m shocked to hear from men how many women have shown up on dates wearing a turtleneck – yikes! This is a massive no, no and is so NOT what to wear. Exposing your neck and décolleté is a must.

# 3 On Your Date

One part of the equation to receiving is ALLOWING. Allow him to open your door, take off your coat, pull out your chair, compliment you (no deflecting!) and pay for the bill. A note about that last part, if he asked you out, then he pays for the bill. Period.


So we’ve got you all set up for success on your date, now might be wondering how to strengthen your femininity in your daily life, yes?

I thought the best way for you to understand how to do this is by sharing an example of one way I personally created consistent “receiving energy” in my own life.

I’ve never learned to drive so my underground parking spot (and prime real estate) remained empty for years. One day my neighbour, David, asked if he could use it for his second car. Always looking for ways to stretch my receiving muscle, I offered it to him as long as he paid for all 12 months up front and – for a bit of a monthly price break – gave me a bottle of wine every month.

I can’t tell you how FUN it is to receive a lump sum of cash every January 1st and a bottle of my favourite wine hung on my doorknob each month. Such a great way to kick start my abundance meter and ensure I’m receiving “gifts” spread out through the year.

When you decide to make receiving a fun game, endless possibilities and creative ways to keep it activated all the time will open up for you too.

Thanks for writing in K.D. and hope this helped!

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