4 Reasons To Have A Father-Daughter Sex Talk

4 Reasons To Have A Father-Daughter Sex Talk [EXPERT]

New research explains the importance of fathers talking to their daughters about sex.

4. Daughters who have positive relationships with their fathers have higher self-esteem. When a dad can talk with his daughter about sex, that implies a particular type of closeness between father and daughter. Daughters with positive relationships with their fathers have higher self-esteem and are more confident in the world. They will be less likely to succumb to peer pressure because they are more secure in who they are.

So moms, don't stop talking with your daughters about sex. That is still important. You probably also want to talk to your sons about relationships, particularly the female perspective of relationships. But dads, the research is in and your children, particularly your daughters, need your perspective also.

Help them understand how different boys are from girls. While they may never "agree" with the way boys are, at least help them to understand a boy's perspective. Help her to know the signs to look for when a boy is truly interested in who she is as a person. Don't allow your daughter to be the victim of a boy who is just looking for a "good time."

She will not learn that from other girls. She will not really learn that from her mother. She needs her father's perspective to help guide her and to recognize her value and worth as a woman and not just a sexual object. Let her know how important she is to you, the value you place on her and the very special place she holds in your heart. Don't let her settle for less. Arm her with information.