The Cheerios Commercial: Is Interracial Marriage Still Taboo?

The Cheerios Commercial: Is Interracial Marriage Still Taboo?

Does skin color really matter? There may be cultural differences that skin color can bring. There might be differences in customs and habits; early childhood messages and lifelong experiences can definitely create differences in beliefs and values; and families and friends may all have their opinions about the relationship. Many may be supportive. Some might say it's fine as long as the couple doesn't have kids. And still, others really have a problem with it due largely to prejudice and racism on both sides.

As in the commercial, not every black man who marries a white woman is selling out his race. Sometimes, it really is just about the woman he loves regardless of the skin color. Loving a white woman doesn't mean the next relationship won't be with a black woman.

Like Dr. Martin Luther King, I have a dream. My dream is that one day people will be free enough and society will be accepting enough that people can love and be with whomever they choose. Others are entitled to their opinions about what they would or would not accept into their life, but in my dream, they understand those are their own parameters that are totally correct for them. But when it comes to setting up parameters for other people's relationships, those same people recognize that is not their responsibility and extend to those people the same consideration they claim for themselves — the right to love the person who brings joy into their life.

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