Making A Difference - Making A Change: Setting Concrete Action Plans


Do you feel as if you can talk about making changes but have a hard time making them stick? Days might keep going by and soon months and nothing has really happened? Whether you are trying to make changes in a job, with your significant other, with your children or just something you'd like to create for yourself personally, making lasting change in your life is difficult without a concrete action plan.

When you are ready to make a plan for change, use the following checklist to help:
1. Decide on ONE change at a time.
2. Keep it simple and practical (don't try to do it all at once!)
3. Be realistic
4. Be specific
5. Set a timeline
6. Determine what it is you want to be doing instead (do not just focus on what you are changing).
7. Did I say be specific?!
8. Create an action plan
9. Set a realistic timeline for your goals
10. Have accountability. Who are your greatest supporters? Enlist the support of others to help you to obtain lasting changes in your life.

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