Pregnant? 6 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For Your New Baby

Pregnant? 6 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For Your New Baby [EXPERT]
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Try these simple steps to prevent sibling rivalry among your children.

Older siblings often have trouble accepting the arrival of a new baby because your new little bundle knocks the little prince or princess off of his or her throne. Husbands can identify with those feeling as well. When their first baby was born, they had to adjust to no longer being number one in their wives' lives. Fortunately, they eventually got over it, and so will your older child. Here are some handy tips to help your older child overcome the jolt of losing her position as your littlest darling.

1. Start showing excitement early in your pregnancy ... not only about the baby, but about your first child becoming a big brother or sister, too. Keep your child in focus as you talk about the baby so he or she sees a benefit to the new family member arriving. If you list, over time, all the terrific benefits of being a big brother or sister, for instance someone to play with, your child will focus less on what he or she will be giving up. Should Women Be Barefoot, Pregnant & In The Kitchen?

2. Bring a photo of your older child to the hospital. Imagine the excitement your child going to the hospital to see Mom and the new baby. Imagine his or her astonishment upon peering through the glass into the nursery at having you say, "That one! The one with your picture in his little crib! He needed his big brother's photo to learn who you are!" Therefore, pack a photo of the older sibling(s) in your hospital bag (along with some tape), and have dad or a nurse simply tape it inside the baby's hospital bassinet.

3. Give your older child a gift from the newborn baby. During all the fuss in the hospital room when mom and the newborn baby are getting all the attention, announce that now it's your older child's special time. It is difficult to be jealous of a gift giver and the gift can be something as simple as a 99-cent trinket. Don't get elaborate; just wrap something simple and include it in your hospital bag. Does Your Baby's Father Have Postpartum?

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