Anxiety Issues

Years in Practice

10 years +


Vancouver WA 98663 - United States



Additional Expertise

Hypnotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Pastoral Counselor, Speaker/Presenter

I Practice in

My state/province only



I Believe

I treat WOMEN...I have been working with women for over 20 year and I help women have better relationships with self, others and God. I believe that women have unique needs that deserve a special kind of understanding. I specialize in helping women with anxiety, depresssion, intimacy issues, relationship difficulites, childhood abuse recovery, eating disorders, food issues and addictions and obesity. If you are tired of living the status quo counseling can help and I would be delighted to help you become all you were meant to be.

About Kerrin Houser

I have been in the people helping field for over 21 years it is my desire to see you thrive, capture joy and become all that you were intended to be no matter what difficult circumstances you may face. I believe that you are uniquely given gifts, talents and strengths that ultimately form what you become. While I believe that we all have struggles, we do not have to be defined by them. I am active and directive in my work and help people find new strategies to approach their lives. I use a strengths based approach, because I believe that people change and grow when they feel empowered. I also use an integrative approach using to counseling working with the body, mind, emotions as well as the spiritual and cultural aspects. I firmly believe that an integrated life is a whole life. While I enjoy working with all kinds of people and challenges, I specialize in eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, obesity, as well as body image exploration. I also work with individuals who want to explore obstacles to weight loss. I have a unique perspective on eating disorders as a Mental Health professional because my undergraduate degree is in nutrition and I am aware of the unique challenges physically, emotionally and mentally that eating disorders pose. I am continually educating myself in the field of Eating Disorders and have over 100 hours of continuing education so that I continually remain current and have the best possible resources for the women I work with. I have been married to the same man for over 21 years which has been rich and rewarding but challenging as well. I have three teens who are as beautiful as they are complex and different. Marriage and each child has brought my life joy and trials that enrich my life and my skills as a people helper.