There IS A Way To Balance Your Lives And Find Love!


Take a look at your life. Is there room in it for a relationship?

The Challenge

Wanting to be in a relationship and having room, either physically or mentally, are different things. Do you have room in your life for love? Quite literally, is there room in your home for your partner to be comfortable? Is there room in your life for them or are you always busy? Do you have activities in your life for them to share with you?

Some people want to be in a relationship provided that it is totally on their terms.  They spend the first few weeks of a relationship 'challenging' their partner to fit in with thier life. This is not a good thing for either person and the relationship will suffer as a result.

The Change

Take a look at your life, your home, your activities, your thoughts and see where there is room for your new partner. There needs to be congruence between the inner you that desires to be in a relationship and the outer you that projects your desires and hopes into the world. If you are sending out conflicting signals, it will not be possible for your partner to come into your life.

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosphy, this is physiscs. Albert Einstein

Think about your home—is there room for a new partner? If your home is full of your things, take some time to clear a space for your new partner, look at your wardrobe, the bathroom, your living space and clear some space for their items that they will bring with them. Make sure that there is room for them to feel welcomed into your home, to be comfortable and to feel at home with you.

How about the decor? Is it welcoming to a new partner, or is it very much a single person's home? Make your home as if your new partner is already there so that when you meet them they feel at home straight away.

Think about your activities—are you always busy? The activities that you do—will they appeal to your new partner? Make some space in your time for your partner, you will need space to find them and space to spend time with them once you are together. If there is no space and time in your life, your new partner cannot come into it as there is nowhere for them to be.

How do you envisage your relationship? Are you expecting your partner to be with you 24/7 from day one or would you prefer to move into the relationship more gently? Be sure of what you want and be clear with your new partner on what they want too. This may be the first area for compromise! Are there activities in your life that you want your new partner to do with you? Make sure you are clear on those too or you are heading for conflict from the start.

What about activities that your new parner is interested in—will you be prepared to do these with them? If not, it's only fair to agree at the start what activites you will do together and which you will do independently.  There's nothing wrong in being interdependent in a relationship, it just makes sends to be up-front from the start about those activities.

The Achievement

Once you make space in your life, you partner will have room to be with you.

Once you have congruence between what you are projecting in your life and what you really want, a partner has space to show up.

Have fun. Life and love are awesome! Kerri x