Top 5 Side-Effects Of Self Love


Will loving yourself more bring you more pleasure than you can handle?

I’m often speaking, writing, teaching and practicing all things “self-love,” including ways to do it and what happens if and when we don’t. However, it recently occurred to me that I have never talked about the side effects of embarking on the self-loving journey. Before making a potentially life-altering decision, it’s always responsible to consider the possible impacts such a choice can have on our lives.  If you are ready to make an informed decision about filling your self-love prescription then read on…

Warning:  Always consult your inner wisdom before choosing to engage in self-loving behavior.  Some side effects of extreme self-love may not be reported, but most commonly people under the influence of self-love have reported the following…

5.  Increased feelings of Joy. How can we not be joyous when we’re loving ourselves!? If feeling joyful becomes overwhelming, consult your inner self-soothing department and take a deep breath, reminding yourself that you are worthy of infinite joy!

4.  Decreased experience of chaos and conflict in personal and professional relationships. We’re often so accustomed to chaos and conflict that when it goes away, we can freak out a bit and even begin to recreate it. If your self-love prescription leaves you waiting for the drama, pause, breathe, and know this too shall pass as you spend some time in your “new chaos-free normal.”

3.  Increased experience of peace, calm and relief. Watch out, folks … this side effect can really throw us for a loop! Do we even know what to do with ourselves when we are peaceful, calm and relieved? The good news is, you can get used to it, if you’re willing to let yourself. When you notice this side effect, consider leaning in and allowing peace and calm to fill the nooks and crannies of your experience.

2.  Increased productivity and prosperity.  Yup! You read correctly. Are you willing to give up self-judgment in exchange for increased productivity and prosperity? The truth is, we are all love, so when we align ourselves with that which we are, then we are able to welcome increased abundance as we remember that we deserve every bit of it. Don’t rely on my word though … try it for yourself!

1.  Extreme forgiving and loving others.  As we love ourselves, we realize we are one with others, and it would be incongruent to love and accept ourselves but not others. Beware that those you may have struggled to love and forgive before may soon be receiving your pardon. Choosing to love and forgive doesn’t mean we agree with what has or hasn’t happened, or what we perceive others to have done or not done. It simply means we agree to free ourselves and others from the past so we can be present now.

**This is not a complete list of side effects and many others may occur. In the event of a self-love overdose, beware of miracles and call on your highest self to celebrate as you express gratitude and appreciation.

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