Divorce in the Over 60s has Increased

Love, Heartbreak

A recent study revealed that more and more 60 and over year olds are getting divorced.

I was interested to read over the weekend that divorce in the over 60s has increased by over 5,000 a year in the last decade in the UK. I wondered what this meant and how many of these people had visited a coach or counselor to help them with their choices. 

We clearly believe that we have a lot of life ahead of ourselves otherwise we wouldn't be embarking on a process that is stressful and enables us to have a different life in the future. We'd probably, as our parent's and grandparent's generation did, just put up with things as we'd believe it was only for a short time.  Of course getting divorced when our relationship becomes stale or difficult isn't the only solution. Suddenly many think it is, and embark on a route which can leave them lonely and often in a difficult financial situation. For others it is the right thing to do.

Trying to find solutions for our problems on our own is hard. We tend to go round and round in circles, visiting the same quandaries and thinking it is the way we always did. Visiting a coach or counselor gives you the opportunity to find a solution that really works for you. In my view the ideal person is a coach who is also a therapist. They can work with you to empower you to make the right choice. A life or personal coach who has been trained to understand how we tick, ideally a trained counselor or psychotherapist but at least someone with a good psychological understanding will be best placed to help you work at what is best for  you and your family.

I and others at Experience Matters have trained in both fields and we believe this makes us better coaches. We are able to both look forward with you and look at the blocks that prevent you from moving forward.  Understanding ourselves enhances our personal development and enriches our lives. Take a look at our website www.experiencematters.org.uk and book a session with us.

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