3 Ways To Reignite That Spark In Your Marriage


Making the effort to connect with your spouse can release the tension during the rough days.

Remember the first time you really connected as a couple?

What was the day like? What smells do you remember?

How did it make you feel?

According to Psychology Today, expressing gratitude is one of the twelve "quickie" ways to really connect with your spouse. 

Unfortunately, we would rather make a list of the moments that our spouse pissed us off. 

If you need a little inspiration, think about the words from Michael Jackson's song 'Remember the Time'. 

Do You Remember

How We Used To Talk

(Ya Know)

We'd Stay On The Phone

At Night Till Dawn

Do You Remember

All The Things We Said Like

I Love You So

I'll Never Let You Go

Do You Remember

Back In The Spring

Every Morning Birds Would Sing

Do You Remember

Those Special Times

They'll Just Go On And On

In The Back Of My Mind


In an earlier blog, I wrote about how I connected with my wife after spending one together. It was magical. Now 18 years later, we still have a deep connection, but in a different way. We are connected through our love for our kids. We are connected by our need to laugh and fun. And when we make love, there is a deep connection because of journey together.

So over the next day or so, tell your spouse how he/she affects you in a positive way. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Show your spouse some old pictures.
  2. Check out your wedding video
  3. Share an old love letter, or a card 

If you are having trouble expressing how you feel connected to your spouse, contact Keith Dent at info@strive2succeedcoaching.comfor a free 45 minute consultation and he will help you figure it out.

This article was originally published at iLoveStrong. Reprinted with permission from the author.