3 Reasons Why He Feels Divorce Will Be Better Than Marriage

I know there is an unwritten rule that under no uncertain terms should you date a best friend of your newly divorced wife. My wife told me, "If we were to get a divorce,  I better not even catch you at your college reunion together." And her best friend and I both graduated from the same college at the same time.
But in a recent report, Bruce Jenner, the ex-husband of KrisJenner, broke that rule when he went out with Ronda Kamihira who happened to be one of Kris's best friends.

Why was he willing to violate this common relationship rule and humiliate his ex-wife in the process?

As a man, we don't think that way, unless the rules are spelled out in advance. In fact most men take divorce harder than women for a variety of reasons. And when we finally decide to get into another relationship, just as Bruce has it's because of these three reasons.

  1. He found someone that would listen!

If you even watched one episode of KUWTK, it was clear that Kris was the administrator and orchestrator of their marriage. She controlled everything even up to the place where he kept his prized toy helicopter collection. Now that he no longer has to live under these conditions, he more than likely will gravitate toward someone that is more relaxed and easy going.

 2.  He was tired of being neglected!

Being neglected in a marriage can be heartbreaking for a man, especially if the needs of the children were always more important than his needs. As the matriarch of the family, Kris was always at the pulse of Kim's, Khloe's, Rob's, Kourtney's, Kendall's and Kylie's lives. That's a lot of heartbeats to manage. When was there time to check on Bruce's heart? For the first time in a long time, Bruce was given an opportunity to share his voice, his own opinion and be treated with admiration.

 3.  He just wants peace!

In the end, sometimes in life it's better when you're not involved in all the drama. Bruce's life was constantly being watched and discussed since 2007. From all accounts, and his move away from Hollywood, he was tired. He found a woman who he could go out with and all that he might be worried about is a few pictures from some curious paparazzi.

When your marriage isn't working, you can only argue with someone about the same things for so long.

If a new start is going to change this part of your life, why not take it?

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